4 tons WNS series condensing gas steam boiler

Steam boilers provide steam in the filtration, sterilization, and aseptic canning of the food and beverage industry. Nongfu Springs Co., Ltd. is one of the top 20 beverages in China, focusing on research and development and promotion of all kinds of soft drinks such as drinking natural water, fruit and vegetable juice beverages, special-purpose beverages and tea beverages. So far, large-scale production has been carried out in eight high-quality water sources. The Manas water source in Tianshan, Xinjiang, plans to introduce multiple gas-fired steam boilers in response to the “coal to gas” policy introduced by the state. With a wealth of industry experience and system solutions, Zhongzheng Boiler successfully won the bid for two 4t/h WNS series gas steam boilers (WNS4-1.25-Q). This boiler adopts high-efficiency heat transfer element of threaded pipe, and cooperates with the energy-saving device and condenser added at the tail of the flue. The thermal efficiency of the boiler is over 98%. The advanced ultra-low nitrogen burner at home and abroad is used together with the large-diameter furnace. Achieve ultra-low NOx emission requirements.

The steam boiler is a very important equipment in our production process. The WNS series gas steam boiler provided by Zhongzheng Boiler has excellent energy saving and environmental protection effect, and the flue gas emission is in full compliance with the national requirements of NOx ≤ 30mg/Nm3. Moreover, the service of Zhongzheng Boiler is very commendable, and all the staff are instructed from installation to trial operation.

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