Biogas boiler

The biogas boiler is a new type of fuel-free cost boiler, but it cannot be enlarged due to the instability of biogas supply. The biogas boiler developed by Zhongzheng Boiler has realized the full-scale combustion of biogas and natural gas. It can be widely used in large and medium-sized enterprises such as animal husbandry and brewing industry. It can reduce the fuel cost of boilers and be more environmentally friendly and provide sustainable development for enterprises. A practical solution.
Biogas boiler
Zhongzheng biogas boiler perfectly realizes the full-scale combustion of biogas and natural gas
As a renewable energy source, biogas has the advantages of high calorific value and low environmental pollution, and can be used as a boiler for combustion. Boilers account for a large proportion of China’s energy consumption, and the application of biogas as a boiler fuel can alleviate the problem of China’s energy shortage and serious environmental pollution to a certain extent. However, in order to realize the large-scale application of biogas boilers, there are still certain technical barriers.
Biogas as a boiler fuel, there is a situation of unstable supply. When the existing biogas is exhausted, natural gas supplementation is required. During the connection process, higher technical requirements are imposed on the boiler burner. Zhongzheng Boiler cooperates with the burner manufacturers to jointly develop the biogas special burners, which can achieve the effect of any proportion of biogas and natural gas combustion, and completely solve the problem of unstable biogas supply.
At the same time, since the biogas component contains hydrogen sulfide, it is easy to generate acidic substances, causing corrosion to the boiler body, which seriously affects the service life of the boiler. Through the research, Zhongzheng boiler technical team carried out a series of adjustments to the boiler system, and reduced the formation of acidic substances by setting reasonable exhaust gas temperature and other measures. While ensuring the thermal efficiency of the boiler, it achieved better anti-corrosion effect and effectively extended the use of boilers. life.

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