Biomass boiler bed pressure

Bed pressure is one of the important parameters for biomass boiler monitoring, and it is an important indicator for monitoring bed fluidization quality and material layer thickness.

  First, when the bed pressure is low, slagging and bed addition can be stopped.

  Second, when the bed pressure is high, the air rate can be increased to make the slag discharge easier. Open the damper of the large slag discharge pipe to increase the slagging amount and reduce the bed pressure to a normal value.

  Third, when the biomass boiler bed pressure is too high, the coal is reduced and the load is reduced to enhance the slagging.

  Fourth, if necessary, adjust the bed pressure by adjusting the coal particle size or changing the coal type.

  Fifth, under what conditions should biomass boilers closely monitor changes in temperature and pressure?

  Biomass boiler fittings The following conditions should pay attention to changes in steam temperature and steam pressure. When lifting the load, the fire extinguishing is unstable. When investing, the stopping is high, the coal type changes greatly, when the water is severe, when the load is heavy, loading, throwing, When using the coal feeder when stopping, the pressure of the feed water varies greatly and when the heated surface is soaked.

  With the increasing use of biomass boilers, the requirements for electric steam boilers in various industries are getting higher and higher. We are talking about the application of electric steam boilers in wood forming.

  Some wooden handicrafts need to be heated and bent to achieve the appearance of the ***, generally do not use open flame heating, but use high temperature steam heating, steam heating and hot bending to ensure the wood molding effect. The principle of heating and solidifying wood steam is actually very simple. It is mainly to soften the wood and deform it under the action of the mold to become the curved shape required for the design and to dry and shape. These wood products are exquisitely worn, with smooth lines and high surface quality and hardness. However, even if the same tree species have different bending properties in different parts of the same tree, the bending properties of wood of different tree species vary greatly.

  Wood crafts need to be bent and shaped during the production process and take time. Biomass boilers can adjust temperature and pressure according to wood processing requirements, simplifying process flow and reducing process time.

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