Biomass steam heating boiler

The biomass boiler manufacturer will introduce the fuel consumption to you

There are many kinds of biomass fuels, such as straw boiler, sugar aldehyde slag boiler, palm shell boiler, etc. in the boiler market. The boiler types are basically the same, but the boiler parameters are different according to the different design fuels. The calculation of fuel consumption of biomass boiler is the same as that of gas boiler and coal-fired boiler, which is also determined by boiler efficiency and fuel calorific value.

Especially in terms of fuel calorific value, most of the fuel is used for combustion, and the temperature of various exhaust gases exceeds the condensation temperature of water vapor, so it is impossible to release the condensation heat of water vapor. Therefore, the low calorific value of fuel application is generally used as the calculation basis in energy utilization. Different countries have different choices. Japan and North America are accustomed to using high calorific value, while China, the former Soviet Union, Germany and the organization for economic cooperation and development convert them according to low calorific value, and some of them use both.

Calculation of the consumption of biomass pellet fired boiler

Consumption per hour of biomass furnace = 600000 kcal / calorific value of fuel / combustion efficiency of boiler

Take the problem of how much fuel a 10 ton straw steam boiler uses in an hour as an example. One ton is 600000 kcal. Assuming that the fuel heat is 4000kcal and the boiler thermal efficiency is 85%, the fuel consumption of a 10 ton biomass pellet boiler in an hour is 6000000 / 4000 / 85%, about 1800kg / h.

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