Boiler residual temperature

Nowadays, many manufacturers of boiler economizers use spiral finned tubes. What good use is it? Let’s take a look at them today.
The primary economizer features a compact structure with a heated surface that reduces the resistance to ventilation and reduces metal consumption.
 Boiler residual temperature
However, the spiral finned tube is formed by welding with high-frequency welding on the steel pipe. This welding method has the characteristics of no deformation after welding, and does not reduce the pressure of the base pipe together, which is beneficial to Heat is transferred to the inner wall. In the traditional industry, the economizers are light-tube type, but the exothermic coefficient of the flue gas outside the tube type is so low that the fly ash on the convection hot surface is damaged by friction.
So now we will use spiral finned tubes in our industry, which can reduce the heating surface and also reduce the wear of the heated surface.
By comparison, we know that the finned tube type energy saver can better utilize the residual smoke temperature of the boiler than the light pipe type economizer.

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