Clean energy boiler

As the weather gets colder, the heating problem is put on the agenda. People are over-reliant on coal-fired boilers, which has caused a large range of haze weather in northern China. The haze weather frequently appears, which may make the north The PM2.5 value is repeatedly exploded. The use of industrial boilers and civil boilers has intensified environmental pollution. Coal is considered to be one of the culprits of smog. For this reason, the Chinese government has also introduced a number of policies to alleviate the haze weather and reduce the proportion of coal consumption in the energy structure year by year. Lanchong is favored by people because of its similar structure to coal.

As a new type of clean energy, Lantan heat-conducting oil furnace is a kind of coal processing product. It has low pollution after combustion and has the characteristics of environmental protection and high calorific value. The calorific value of blue carbon can reach more than 6000 calories. Hebei Yeneng Boiler Co., Ltd. valued the advantages of blue carbon, and researched and developed the blue carbon heat conduction oil furnace and blue carbon steam boiler through the technical department of the company.

According to relevant research, Lantan has the characteristics of low sulfur content, low phosphorus and low ash. The pollutant emissions after combustion are low, and the burning time is similar to that of anthracite. However, the effective utilization rate of blue carbon is much higher than that of anthracite. The carbon rate is one tenth of that of anthracite. Therefore, blue charcoal can be used as a substitute for coal.

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