Condensing Gas Steam Boilers For Sale

Condensing gas steam boiler condenser adopts double stage layout, internal adopts non-cutting extruded spiral fin tube, enhances heat transfer, low exhaust temperature and high thermal efficiency. Condensing gas boilers sales boiler body, condensing organic combination as a whole, easy to install, small floor area.

The optimized heating surface design of gas-fired steam boiler shows that the total heat absorption ratio of corrugated furnace is larger and has good expansion and contraction properties. Axisymmetrical downward bias, high temperature smoke all gather in the front smoke box, so that the temperature of the back smoke box is lower, direct use of insulation layer for insulation, reduce the maintenance cost. The boiler adopts the integral front smoke box with double doors, the smoke box door is double sealed, the structure is simple, easy to open, run, operate and maintain.


Condensing gas boiler sales

Condensing gas boilers sales


Condensing gas boilers sales with high quality thermal insulation materials, with good thermal insulation performance, light weight and convenient operation and installation. The upper part of the boiler is provided with a manhole device and the lower part is provided with a cleaning device for easy maintenance and maintenance. This series of boilers are manufactured in full accordance with the standard requirements and in full compliance with the standards of energy conservation and environmental protection.

The gas fired boiler adopts PLC automatic control system. The control system with PLC as core control and data acquisition, signal input pressure controller overpressure protection, water level control of water level sensor detection signal, low water level detection electrode signals, ultrahigh water level detection electrode, feed water pump motor protection signal detection, pressure transmitter control burner of the various signals and overpressure protection, has a wealth of artificial intelligence, maximum limit to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the boiler.

The principle of condensing gas fired steam boiler to release a large amount of latent heat of vaporization during the process of water vapor condensing into liquid water. By setting up a flue gas waste heat recovery device, the exhaust temperature is reduced to 50~70℃, and the sensible heat in flue gas and latent heat of condensation of water vapor are fully recovered. The theoretical value of thermal efficiency can reach up to 109%. Generally speaking, the boiler with thermal efficiency of more than 100% is difficult to understand in common sense, but if the latent heat of condensation of water steam in the flue gas is used, and the exhaust temperature is lowered low enough, the exhaust smoke loss is very low, the thermal efficiency of the boiler will be increased to 100%, or even more than 100%. The condensing boiler can recover the latent heat of water vapor condensation in the smoke exhaust and reduce the harmful gas in the smoke, so it quickly established its position in the industrial field. At present, the market awareness of the condensing boiler is increasing, making the application of the condensing boiler extremely extensive.


Condensing gas fired boilers price

Condensing gas fired boilers price


Condensing gas boilers sales has remarkable performance, compact structure and small floor space, which saves the construction land and construction cost of boiler room, and simplifies the on-site installation workload. Zozen Boilers is of high quality boiler manufacturers, is a collection research and development, production, sales for an integrated company, we are committed to product in the production of various types of Boilers pressure vessel, get customer consistent high praise and trust, welcome everyone to come to advisory procurement.

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