Energy saving transformation method of biomass gas boiler

There are three energy-saving transformation methods for biomass gas boilers:
1: Heat pipe preheating recovery device is installed in the mouth of the boiler. The high-temperature flue gas generated in the boiler work process can be recycled, cleaned and utilized, and the heat can be recovered, so that the thermal efficiency of the boiler can be improved. Reduce fuel consumption and realize energy saving. And in this process, it can also reduce the emission of waste gas, so as to reduce environmental pollution and realize environmental protection.

2: Use anti-scale technology, adopt boiler scale remover, electronic scale remover, soften water treatment equipment, optimize water vapor circulation system, remove calcium and magnesium ions in water, soften water, reduce scale production, and control sewage discharge boiler rate.

3: The use of fuel additives is to add some additives in the fuel. The design of gas heat conduction oil furnace is to optimize the fuel, so as to reduce the size of the boiler and improve the thermal efficiency. Wuxi ZOZEN co., LTD mainly engages in biomass burner, biomass boiler, natural gas boiler, air source heat pump and other products. The company’s powerful boiler transformation team can provide cost-effective products and targeted boiler transformation solutions according to the actual characteristics of users, providing equipment and fuel sales, energy-saving transformation and other services.

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