Environmental protection in the food industry Boiler

At present, the world is in a period of transition to high-quality development. The food industry on the lifeline of the country is bound to face unlimited opportunities and challenges, and the requirements for technology and supporting facilities of food industry are becoming more stringent. As an internationally renowned boiler supplier, ZOZEN is committed to the green development direction of symbiosis between technology and environment; the environmentally friendly steam boilers produced by ZOZEN have achieved outstanding results in the food industry.

ZOZEN effectively solves the problem of high energy consumption and high pollution
The boiler equipment provides steam for distillation, extraction, disinfection, drying and other production processes in the food processing, which is an indispensable power equipment with wide applications. However, many food factories are facing the same problem: the conventional boilers in use have the disadvantages of low thermal efficiency, high energy consumption and poor environmental performance, which make the production cost of the company remain high.
ZOZEN fundamentally guarantees the safe production of products through technical R&D and technology upgrades, and effectively increases the thermal efficiency of boilers and reduces the emission of harmful gases by applying the core technologies such as “energy saving”, helping many well-known food companies in the Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Singapore and other countries to complete boiler retrofit and effectively improve their economic and social benefits.

Environmental protection in the food industry Boiler

ZOZEN steam boiler for food industry in Indonesia

With the features of high efficiency and low emission, ZOZEN steam boilers are preferred by many well-known food enterprises

In order to promote energy conservation and emission reduction and develop circular economy, COFCO introduced several sets of gas-fired steam boilers from ZOZEN.

Environmental protection in the food industry Boiler

ZOZEN steam boilers for COFCO

The series of boilers adopts the design of the large furnace for sufficient steam storage space and heating surface to increase the boiler’s thermal efficiency while enabling the boiler to efficiently produce high quality steam.
In addition, in terms of boiler configuration, ZOZEN added waste heat recovery devices such as economizer and condenser at the tail of the boiler flue to make use of the waste heat from the flue gas to increase the boiler inlet water temperature, the exhaust gas temperature is reduced to 60 degrees and the thermal efficiency is increased to over 98%, which helps companies reduce boiler operating costs.
It is commendable that in terms of environmental performance, ZOZEN adopts stratified combustion technology in conjunction with the advanced low NOx combustion auxiliary machines, which effectively reduces the emission of harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides and controls the NOx emissions below 30mg/m³, it is superior to international air pollution emission standards.
At present, the food industry needs to concentrate on strengthening sustainable development, effectively upgrading technology and always taking the social responsibilities of corporate environmental protection. Regarding the future, ZOZEN will develop more excellent boiler products to provide a solid guarantee for the safety and environmental protection of more food enterprises.

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