Environmentally friendly 600kg biomass pellet steam boiler

1.The furnace adopts three-dimensional three-dimensional circulation air distribution, and has a secondary oxygen supply port. The combustion is complete, and the smoke is not visible to the naked eye, which fully meets the national requirements for boiler discharge.

Environmentally friendly 600kg biomass pellet steam boiler
2.The safety protection function of the control system has multiple protections such as low water level, overheating and overpressure to ensure no safety hazards.

3.Safety control pressure gauges, safety valves and pressure switches are all made of high quality brands to ensure the quality and service life of the products.

4.The evaporator is shipped from the factory.The hydration system, combustion system, feeding system, ignition system and air distribution system are all integrated, using a fool-type operating system, one-button operation, fully automatic operation.

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