Feed industry boiler

Benefiting from the smooth progress of the Belt and Road Initiative, ZOZEN utilizes cross-border e-commerce to further accelerate economic and trade cooperation with overseas customers. This time, the boiler and auxiliary equipment tailored by ZOZEN for Pakistan’s Zubair Feeds Private Limited feed mill have been successfully delivered to the installation site.

ZOZEN tailored the boiler system to fit customer’s needs
Pakistan is a developing country with rapid economic growth, agriculture is the pillar industry of its economy, and the feed processing industry is also developing rapidly. In the feed production process, the feed ingredients need to be heated to mature, which is convenient for the animal to digest and absorb, therefore, the boiler is the indispensable heat source equipment for the feed processing industry.
In the face of growing market demands, Zubair Feeds Private Limited decided to expand its production scale and purchase one more efficient steam boiler system to ensure stable operation of the production line and high quality of feed.
In addition, as a large agricultural country, Pakistan produces a large amount of rice husks every year with a low price. In order to reduce the operating costs of the company, Zubair Feeds Private Limited feed mill decided to add rice husk into the coal as a boiler fuel for co-firing, which not only promoted the cyclic utilization of biological resources, but also improved the economic benefits.
Based on the fuel characteristics of the “lignite + rice husk”, ZOZEN rationally optimized the feeding hopper, the width and length of the grate, and tailored the SZL series steam boiler system to meet the actual demand of its production line; the boiler’s thermal efficiency is more than 5% higher than the industry’s conventional boiler system, achieving efficient conversion of thermal energy.

ZOZEN service team guided the whole-process installation
The 8 tph SZL series steam boiler purchased by Zubair Feeds Private Limited composed of 2 parts, upper part is heat absorbing surface and lower part is combustion equipment. The grate was an important combustion equipment for coal-fired steam boilers, which was self-designed and produced by ZOZEN; it was tested for 72 hours before leaving the factory to ensure that the tightness of the grate was moderate and the grate wouldn’t deviated.
ZOZEN completed the delivery of the boiler system within the promised delivery period. After a month’s shipping, the boiler has successfully arrived in Lahore, Pakistan for installation, the technicians of ZOZEN provided guidance on site during the whole installation process. The person in charge of Zubair Feeds Private Limited feed factory highly praised ZOZEN in this regard.

Feed industry boiler

ZOZEN boiler had arrived in Pakistan

In Pakistan, ZOZEN has provided various series of boiler system solutions according to the different needs of major enterprises such as textile, feed and food industries, which has injected vitality into the rapid development of major enterprises and won the favor of customers. This has also laid a good foundation for the development of ZOZEN in South Asia.

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