gas-fired boilers’ energy consumption

With the continuous implementation of the coal-to-gas policy, gas-fired boilers’ energy consumption have set off a boom in the market in recent years. ZOZEN has made great achievements in the field of gas-fired boiler manufacturing, energy conservation and emission reduction, and it has hit a new low in energy consumption reduction.
gas-fired boilers' energy consumption
As the core industry of China’s manufacturing industry,gas-fired boilers’ energy consumption industrial boilers have a wide range of applications, covering the chemical, food, printing and dyeing, medical and other industries. ZOZEN’s advanced management system, sound and perfect quality assurance system, and intelligent manufacturing plants have enabled ZOZEN to continue to lead the Chinese industrial boiler market and successfully enter the global boiler market.

The use of boiler equipment exists throughout the entire life cycle of an enterprise,gas-fired boilers’ energy consumption the energy consumption of the boiler occupies a significant proportion of the operating costs of an enterprise. Therefore, whether the operating cost can be reduced has become one of the important factors to consider when purchasing boilers. The gas-fired boiler produced by ZOZEN adopts large furnace design, featuring energy saving and high efficiency, and the thermal efficiency can reach more than 98%, which can help enterprises effectively control the operating costs.

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