Gas steam boiler fire precautions

1. Thoroughly inspect the gas boiler, including the burner and associated accessories and piping, before ignition. Before introducing water, close the drain valve and open the safety valve to allow air to escape from the furnace. After all inspections are not abnormal, the boiler can be ignited with water and the water in the bucket can be watered to the normal level, first all the ducts and flue baffles are opened. Start the blower, purge the furnace and the flue, purge for at least 0.5 minutes, then start the burner ignition.
Gas steam boiler fire precautions
2. Inject the treated water into the boiler. The inlet water temperature should not exceed 40 °C. When the water level in the pot reaches a low water level, close the inlet valve and observe if the water level is lowered. After ignition, always pay attention to the water level in the pot. The water level will increase after heating, and if it exceeds the high safety water level, the sewage will be discharged.

3. When the safety valve opened by the gas boiler generates steam, the safety valve should be closed in time. When the pressure rises to 0.2-0.3 MPa, check the manhole drain valve for leaks.

Gas-fired steam boilers are very unstable during pressurization, so pay special attention to the operation of each auxiliary equipment. Cylinders, pumps and steam pipes are operated to check for leaks and stable operation. Before the boiler rises to normal working pressure, the operation of the boiler is near stable at this time, and the user only needs to check regularly.

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