Gas steam boiler maintenance

The gas steam boiler is a common steam supply equipment used in industrial production. In order to maintain the high economic efficiency and safety of the steam boiler, improve work efficiency and reduce the occurrence of faults, the following small series introduces the operation instructions of the industrial gas steam boiler. Maintenance knowledge:
The boiler feed water needs to be treated properly, which is an important matter to extend the life of the boiler and ensure safe operation. It is necessary to carry out the sewage discharge operation regularly, at least once a day. After the sewage is discharged, check whether the sewage valve is leaky due to the influence of dirt; if it is necessary, it should be excluded.
Gas steam boiler maintenance
If the furnace is shut down for more than one month, the dry maintenance method should be adopted. After the industrial gas steam boiler is shut down, the furnace water is drained, and the internal dirt is completely removed and rinsed.
Dry in a small fire in the furnace, then install the block-shaped quicklime with a diameter of 10-30 mm, place it in the drum, do not make the quicklime contact with the metal, the weight of the quicklime, the volume of the drum per cubic meter 8 kg calculation.
Then close all the manhole and hand hole pipe valves and check them every three months. If the lime is broken, it needs to be replaced. The lime and disc should be taken out when the boiler is running again.
After the ash is accumulated in the pipe, the exhaust gas temperature will rise, which will reduce the efficiency of the boiler and increase the fuel consumption. Therefore, the front and rear door covers should be opened regularly to remove or blow off the ash accumulation of the pipe.
The low water level cutting device should be inspected, maintained and cleaned regularly. The water level controller is cleaned at least once a month and the water level gauge is flushed at least once a day. The water level table should be flushed at a high water level; after flushing, the water level should not be lower than the safe water level. If the flushing is not clean, it can be washed several times, but it should be washed at high water level.

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