Gas steam boiler operation process

A gas steam boiler refers to a steam boiler that is heated by gas combustion. The fuel is fully burned, the boiler runs stably and takes up less space. At the same time, the flue pipe is inserted with a spoiler to slow the exhausting speed, increase the heat exchange amount, and the boiler has high thermal efficiency and reduces the user’s use cost. So what is the operation flow of such a convenient gas-fired steam boiler?
The operator must first have the qualification of the furnace and do the certificate operation. The person in charge of the operation should carefully read the instruction manual of the equipment and be proficient in the knowledge and methods of safe operation. Look at the joints, welds and pipelines for water leaks.
Gas steam boiler operation process
Start the power control button on the control cabinet. At this time, the digital display window displays the current pressure in the furnace. The judgment of the high and low pressure refers to the boiler controller manual. Check the water level gauge, the water level should be in the normal position, the water level gauge and the water level color plug should be in the open position to prevent the false water level. If there is water shortage, the water can be manually applied. After the burner is started, the fan is pre-purged for 30-50 seconds, and then the gas valve is opened; that is, the flame is established.
The start and stop of the burner is issued by the boiler controller according to the change of pressure. The operator should always observe the change of pressure and stop immediately if the abnormal phenomenon occurs.
Water level adjustment: adjust the water level according to the load. The low load is the water level should be slightly higher than the normal water level. When the load is high, the water level should be slightly lower than the Zheng Hang water level.
Observe the exhaust gas temperature. The smoke temperature is generally controlled between 220-250 degrees Celsius. At the same time, observe the exhaust gas temperature and concentration of the chimney, and adjust the combustion to a good state.

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