Horizontal Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boiler

Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boiler


Product thermal capacity: 1400-29000 KW

Working pressure: 0.8-1.0 MPA

Available fuel: Bituminous coal, anthracite etc.

Available industries: Chemical,high temperature heating technology for fertilizer, melamine, alumina and so on

Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boiler Introduction

The organic heat carrier boiler refers to a new type of heat energy conversion equipment that carries high-temperature heat conducting oil (also known as hot coal and heat carrier) as its working medium.So the organic heat carrier boiler is also called the thermal oil boiler. The capacity of the furnace is usually expressed as “MW” (megawatt), but may also be expressed as “gw /h” or “10,000 kcal/ hour”, i.e. “104kcal/h”. Organic heat carrier furnace (also known as thermal oil furnace) is widely used because of its advantages of high temperature and low pressure, stable operation. Thermal oil boiler has liquid phase and gas phase.

Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boiler Structural Features

  • The horizontal coal fired thermal oil boiler is a square – box assembly – type forced circulation chain grate boiler. The boiler is composed of the upper body (or upper body + lower body) and the lower grate, which is combined on site.
  • The heating surface of the boiler body adopts the forced-coiled convection heat transfer tube behind the square coil in single or double furnace Chambers.
  • The end of this series of thermal oil boiler is equipped with air preheater, steam waste heat boiler and hot water economizer for waste heat recovery according to users’ use of waste heat, so as to reduce smoke exhaust temperature, improve boiler thermal efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and save energy.
  • According to the fuel characteristics, the boiler convection heat transfer section adopts the measures of high and low misalignment, spacing and arrangement of ash blowing device and ash cleaning device, etc., to reduce the accumulation of boiler ash and improve boiler efficiency.
  • The boiler adopts high quality heat preservation material and special construction technology with good heat preservation effect.
  • The boiler heating surface pipe butt should be fully automatic gas protection welding process and equipment, can be 100% real-time X-ray online detection welding. The welding quality is stable and reliable.
  • Large boilers adopt division integration and field assembly. High integration, quick and convenient field installation.

Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boiler Performance

1. High efficiency and energy saving

  • The radiant heat section adopts double dense drain coil structure, s-type multi-return heat transfer in convective heat transfer section, and air preheater is set at the end.
  • High efficiency air preheater or steam/hot water energy saving products are arranged at the end of the boiler to absorb heat, reduce smoke exhaust temperature, improve thermal efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and save energy.
  • Special design of grate arch, independent adjustment of air chamber, full uniform coal combustion, wide adaptability of fuel.
  • The boiler adopts high quality heat preservation material and special construction technology with small heat loss.
  • Combined with industrial automation control technology, Internet technology, computer software and artificial intelligence technology, the industrial boiler Internet of Things platform is established, which can realize remote man-machine interaction and data sharing, and realize dynamic control.

2. Safe and reliable operation

  • The boilers heating surface of the body adopts the dense coil pipe, and the heating surface is sufficiently arranged, which can effectively reduce the heat load of the pipe surface, and the use of the heat-conducting oil medium is safer.
  • The medium flow is reasonable, the design model for heat conduction oil is low (import) to high (export), the medium gas generated during operation is difficult to stay in the furnace, it can be easily discharged from the system.
  • The heat exchange surface of the furnace adopts double dense row coil tube, the heating surface is fully arranged, the load rises quickly and the load is large.
  • Coal fired thermal oil boiler operation using remote and near – ground multi – control, automatic control and monitoring instruments complete.
  • The convective heat transfer section at the tail adopts special anti-ash structure design, and is equipped with a ash blowing device, so that the operation does not accumulate ash and the heat transfer efficiency is high.

3. Environmental protection and energy saving

Environmental Protection According to local environmental protection requirements, appropriate flue gas treatment equipment is configured to meet environmental protection requirements.

Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boiler Application

Coal fired thermal oil boiler used in petroleum chemical industry, textile printing and dyeing industry, plastics and rubber industry, as papermaking industry, oil industry, synthetic fiber industry, wood industry of plywood, fiberboard hot pressing molding, dry all the year round, steaming building materials industry of mineral wool board processing, plasterboard drying, asphalt heating, candy processing, glazed date processing, dry noodles drying, food industry, biscuit baking, cooking oil and beverage drying, paint below 350 degrees Celsius heat supply, food processing, wood processing, asphalt heating, carton production, dehydrated vegetables, the lacquer that bake, casting sand mold drying, etc.

Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boiler Specification

Model Rated thermal power  (KW) Rated thermal power  (x104kcal/h) Design working temperature(≤℃) Rated working pressure(MPa) Thermal efficiency(≥%) System installation power(KW) Maximum transport size(m)
YLW-1400M/AⅡ 1400 120 320 0.8 80 55 5.0×2.3×2.5
YLW-1800M/AⅡ 1800 160 320 0.8 80 63 5.6×2.3×2.8
YLW-2400M/AⅡ 2400 200 320 0.8 80 76 6.5×2.5×2.8
YLW-2800M/AⅡ 2800 240 300 0.8 80 85 6.5×2.6×3.2
YLW-3500M/AⅡ 3500 300 320 0.8 80 105 7.5×2.6×3.2
YLW-4200M/AⅡ 4200 360 320 0.8 80 125 7.4×2.9×3.3
YLW-4600M/AⅡ 6000 500 320 0.8 80 155 8.4×3.4×3.3
YLW-6000M/AⅡ 7000 600 320 1 80 170 9.0×3.4×3.4
YLW-7000M/AⅡ 8200 700 320 1 80 193 9.8×3.3×4.1
YLW-8200M/AⅡ 4600 400 320 1 80 150 8.0×2.9×3.4
YLW-9400M/AⅡ 9400 800 320 1 80 160 9.8×3.5×4.1
YLW-10500M/AⅡ 10500 900 320 1 80 160 10.5×3.5×4.1
YLW-12000M/AⅡ 12000 1000 320 1 80 260 11.2×3.6×4.1
YLW-14000M/AⅡ 14000 1200 320 1 80 320 10.5×4.0×3.5
YLW-16500M/AⅡ 16500 1400 320 1 80 380 11.5×4.3×3.5
YLW-18000M/AⅡ 18000 1600 320 1 80 450 11.5×4.5×3.5
YLW-21000M/AⅡ 21000 1800 320 1 81 520 11.5×4.5×3.9
YLW-23300M/AⅡ 23300 2000 320 1 81 600 11.5×3.0×4.0
YLW-26000M/AⅡ 26000 2200 320 1 81 700 11.5×3.0×4.0
YLW-29200M/AⅡ 29200 2500 320 1 81 825 12.0×3.3×4.2

Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boiler Notes

The main hazard of an organic heat carrier boiler is fire. Once the thermal oil leaks from the heating system of the organic heat carrier boiler, the thermal oil boilers will also have an explosion accident due to the thermal oil and water. To prevent the accident of the organic heat carrier boiler, the equipment and medium should be taken into consideration simultaneously.

  • The organic heat carrier boilers used shall be qualified products.
  • The installation of the heating system of the organic heat carrier boiler shall be completed by the manufacturer or the fixed installation unit with qualified quality and in accordance with the regulations.
  • The organic heat carrier boiler shall fully discharge air, water vapor and light components during start-up.
  • The safety devices of coal fired thermal oil boiler and heating system should be complete and intact, and the over-temperature and over-pressure protection devices should be sensitive and reliable.

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