Hot water boiler construction

The function of the hot water boiler is very powerful. I believe that everyone can obviously feel it in the process of using it. Usually, as long as everyone is operating as required, no accidents will occur. Can a hot water boiler be treated with deionized water? If you still don’t know the answer to this question, you can continue to look down.

The demineralized water treatment is a composition or structure which changes the sulfate and chloride which are easy to form scale in water by physical or chemical means, so that it is less likely to generate scale components when heating and evaporating water, and can maintain permanent hardness in water. Reduce and soften. We refer to these methods of reducing water hardness as demineralized water treatment.
Hot water boiler construction
For example, “car load shedding” and boilers are extinguished due to improper water level adjustment; “boiler fire extinguishing” is caused by improper water level adjustment; even if one blower of the boiler trips, the lower layer of the powder feeder is too large to be able to guide the air duct Blocked. After the “coarse adjustment”, the parameters are slowly stabilized when the parameters are stabilized by using “fine adjustment” and “fine adjustment”.

For the adjustment of the steam pressure, “over-regulation” is an adjustment method at the expense of increasing heat loss, particularly when the speed of the powder feeder fluctuates little and the amount of oxygen fluctuates accordingly, resulting in a combustion state. In the stove. Changes, at this time, the incomplete combustion loss of part of the fuel is greatly increased, which has a great influence on the thermal efficiency of the unit. Therefore, this mode of operation should be avoided as much as possible. When using “automatic combustion”, the fluctuation range of the powder machine speed should be monitored. It was found that the fluctuation range was too large, automatic operation should be canceled, manual intervention should be used, and manual “fine tuning” should be used to improve the thermal efficiency of the device.

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