How to supply water to gas-fired hot water boiler

The following points should be paid attention to in water supply of hot water boiler
Gas fired hot water boiler belongs to atmospheric pressure equipment, that is, it does not need to record the use of wind and is small. However, before ignition, a comprehensive inspection is also required to ensure that each auxiliary part is normal before boiler water filling. The following problems need to be paid attention to before water filling.
How to supply water to gas-fired hot water boiler
1. If it is a hot water boiler of more than 2 tons, the water used must be treated to ensure that the water entering the boiler is qualified soft water, and sampling test shall be conducted if necessary.

2. The feed water temperature is about 15-25 ℃, and the water feeding speed should not be too fast, which is to avoid uneven heating of the boiler. The stoker must operate according to the operation manual to avoid shortening the service life.

3. After the completion of water filling, the stoker needs to check the water level of the boiler regularly to see if the water level is abnormal. If the water level drops, it is necessary to check whether the drain valve or other valves are closed. If there is aging damage, replace them immediately.

4. If the water level has reached the normal state and continues to rise, it is necessary to detect whether the water pump has been closed, or whether there is a problem with the water valve. If there is a problem, please handle it in time.

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