Industrial steam boiler

The working principle of the industrial steam boiler automatic control system The main working principle of the industrial steam boiler automatic control system is to turn the deoxidizing water into the regulating valve of the water pump and turn it into the warm water and then the steam drum under the treatment of the economizer. Under the action, the water body is boiled to finally generate steam. In this process, in order to ensure the maximum area of ​​the steam, it is necessary to ensure that the water level is in the middle of the boiler drum so that the steam is discharged from the steam valve. This helium gas will quickly enter the air preheater equipment. After a series of processing and processing, the phenomenon of delayed preheating will become hot air.

Secondly, when the coal falls on the grate, the grate will start to rotate at a constant speed. A charcoal will be ignited by the flame in front of the grate, and during the combustion process, a large amount of water will be volatilized to generate a thick hot flue gas.

industrial steam boiler

Finally, the induced draft fan transports the preheating heat to the water and air of the boiler separately, which not only greatly improves the production efficiency of the boiler but also effectively reduces the excessive waste of thermal energy.

Industrial steam boiler automation control has a good development prospect, and it is a powerful guarantee to promote the rapid development of China’s industrial technology level. Therefore, China should increase the promotion and application of automation control technology, so that it can involve more fields and reduce manpower. The input of material resources and capital, and the consumption of energy by the automatic control technology, further links the quality of China’s ecological environment and promotes the sustainable development of automation control technology in industrial steam boilers.

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