Inspection of fuel gas boiler before operation

1. Preparation for inspection and use inside the fuel gas boiler.
        2. Inspection of the stove and flue, soot and debris in the stove and flue should be removed.
        3. Check the boiler accessories to check whether the accessories are in good condition; whether the cocks are easy to rotate; whether the instruments and control devices are good and clean. After passing the test, the pressure gauge cock should be in working condition.
Inspection of fuel gas boiler before operation
        4. Check the automatic control system.
        5. Check the auxiliary equipment of the fuel gas boiler.
        6. Check the combustion equipment to see if the combustion equipment is in good condition. For the mechanical transmission system, coal conveying system and ballast system, the test turns to normal; the spring of the gear box should be properly pressed and lubricated; the coal door ruler is correct. The eagle iron is neat and complete, and the ballast plate is complete.
        7. Check the heating surface and check that the equipment coupling is firmly connected; the V-belt is loose; the lubricating oil is good; the cooling water is smooth. After the test, install the protective cover, test it separately, and pay attention to the current when idling.

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