Lift of steam generator pump

How to choose the lift of the steam generator pump?

  First of all, do we need to know the pressure of this steam generator? In general, the pressure is 0.1-0.4MPA and some are 0.7MPA. This is customized according to customer requirements. The pressure is set at the factory and the pressure gauge is not allowed to be replaced at any time after delivery. How to choose the lift of the pump?

  Some people mistakenly believe that the elevator is the height of the water. In fact, it is not the pump lift that is about 1.15 to 1.20 times the lift height. If the vertical height of the water source and water is 20 meters, the required lift is about 23 to 24 meters. When selecting the pump, the pump nameplate (ie the iron or aluminum mark on the pump, detailed above) is close to the desired head. In this case, the pump has high efficiency. It will be more economical to use.
Lift of steam generator pump
  However, it does not require equality. As long as the general deviation does not exceed 20%, the pump *** can work in a more energy-efficient situation. For self-priming pumps, place them in a well ventilated area as much as possible to facilitate rapid heat dissipation and reduce motor temperature. Otherwise, the motor burns easily when it is running for a long time. During non-use, it should be stored during non-use, and the pump should be removed from the water source in time, and the water in the pump should be drained, especially in the cold winter. Then put it in a dry place. Conditional users can also apply grease to critical parts of the pump and add lubricant to the bearings to prevent corrosion.

  In addition, the non-use time of the pump is not as long as possible. If it is not used for a long time, it will not only rust easily, but also reduce the service life of the pump.

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