Maintenance of gas hot water boiler

The gas hot water boiler is a kind of hot water boiler. The gas hot water boiler uses gas (such as natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, city gas, biogas, etc.) as fuel, and heats the water through the burner to realize heating and provide life and bath. Hot water, the boiler is highly intelligent, fast heating, low noise, and no dust. Gas-fired hot water boilers need regular maintenance and repair, specifically how is it waferized?

Maintenance of gas hot water boiler

 Gas hot water boilers are regularly maintained twice a month

     Fuel supply pipeline inspection: 1. Light oil filter cleaning; 2. Ignition gas pipeline air tightness inspection; 3. Check whether the pipeline is unblocked; Check each instrument: 1. Water level gauge flushing; 2. Pressure gauge elbow flushing ; safety valve test; check burner: flame detector (electric eye) cleaning the light-receiving surface; 2. check whether the working pressure of the oil pump is normal; 3. check whether the combustion flame is normal; 4. check whether the burner sound is abnormal when burning; Cleaning the cup rotor; 6. Cleaning the water rod; checking the water inlet system: 1. Cleaning the water filter; 2. Whether the pump reaches the rated head and flow rate; 3. Whether the check valve works normally. E. Daily tank drain and clean debris. Water quality test, furnace water test. F. Check if the combustion consumption is normal.

   Maintenance project every three months

      In addition to the above inspection items, additional inspection items are added:
Electrical parts: 1. Whether the line is loose and aging, failure; 2. Check whether the electrical components are reliable and overloaded; 3. Is the electrical protection device normal; when the soft water tank is deactivated, open the low valve to remove the sludge; : 1. Low water position; 2. Overpressure; 3. Flameout 4. Exhaust gas temperature is too high; Equal smoke detection: including smoke composition analysis and tail smoke temperature detection, check whether the combustion is working properly; cleaning the boiler body and burning The exterior is cleaned.

  Annual Dabao project

   The main body part of the main body cleans the pipe, the water pipe, the front and rear smoke boxes, the furnace part and the burnout room and the pipe to collect ash. 1. Fully open the cover to check the sealing integrity of the inspection hole, manhole and other inspection holes, and replace the defective gasket in time. 2. Comprehensive inspection of the overall instrument, valve, including the pressure gauge, pressure controller and electrode water level controller detection and safety valve setting; burner part: comprehensive cleaning of the burner cup rotor, ignition device, filter, oil pump, motor And the impeller system, adding lubricant to the damper linkage. The combustion condition is re-examined; the control part repairs and detects the electrical components, controls the line, cleans the control box to collect ash, and each control point performs detection; the water supply system overhauls the water treatment device, checks whether the water quality meets the standard, comprehensively cleans the soft water tank, and checks the feed water pump Operation and lift, cleaning check valve spool, etc.

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