Precautions for stopping the hot blast stove

What are the precautions when stopping the hot blast stove?
 Precautions when stopping the hot blast stove: The hot water hot blast stove is a hot blast stove that produces hot water. It refers to the use of thermal energy released by fuel combustion or other thermal energy (such as electrical energy, solar energy, etc.) to heat water to a nominal temperature. Thermal device. So what do we need to pay attention to when using a water heater for intermittent heating? Let us have a look now!
Precautions for stopping the hot blast stove
  (1) When the hot blast stove stops heating, if it is a normal shutdown furnace fire, the blower should be stopped first, then the induced draft fan should be stopped, and the coal supply should be stopped, but the circulating water pump cannot stop. The pump water still evaporates due to the closing of the pump, and the pump still needs to continue. run. When the system water temperature drops below 50-60 °C, stop the circulating water pump. If the interval between intermittent heating is short, it is not necessary to stop the circulating water pump.
  (2) When starting the furnace again, the circulating water pump should be turned on first, so that the water in the system reaches the normal cycle, the induced draft fan and the blower are started, the grate and the coal charging system are started, and the coal seam combustion is gradually recovered. When the furnace is shut down for a long time, the coal seam is burned and then covered with a thick coal seam for pressure ignition.

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