Rated pressure of oil-fired boiler

Oil boiler rated pressure and feed water temperature knowledge
  Product rated pressure:
  The rated pressure refers to the steam pressure generated by the oil boiler. The steam temperatures produced at different pressures are different. The steam temperature of 1.0 Mpa is 184 ° C, while the steam temperature of 1.2 Mpa is 193 ° C. We need to choose the steam boiler that can reach your desired temperature according to your own use.
  Product feed water temperature:
  Some manufacturers often make a fuss about the feed water temperature to increase their rated evaporation. Some manufacturers intentionally increase the feed water temperature to 90 ° C or 100 ° C or higher when calculating the rated evaporation. However, in the actual use process, such high feed water temperature cannot be achieved, and there will be lower than the rated steam output.
  The fuel of the oil-fired boiler is fuel (such as diesel oil, engine oil, kerosene, etc.), and the fuel of the gas-fired boiler is gas (such as natural gas, city gas, biogas, etc.), and the equipment that depends on what fuel the boiler burns is called a burner, and the gas burner is configured. The boiler is called a gas boiler, and the boiler equipped with an oil burner is called an oil-fired boiler. The difference between an oil-fired boiler and a gas-fired boiler is the burner of which fuel is used.
  Oil-fired boilers can be divided into light oil boilers and heavy oil boilers according to different fuel oils. Light oil refers to diesel or kerosene; heavy oil refers to surplus heavy oil after crude oil is extracted from gasoline and diesel. Oil-fired boilers can be classified into fuel boiling water boilers, fuel hot water boilers, fuel heating boilers, fuel oil bath boilers and fuel steam boilers according to their purposes.

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