Reasons for the explosion of biomass boiler

For some factories and enterprises that use industrial boilers as heating equipment, they must not only improve the thermal efficiency of the boilers and reduce fuel consumption, but also pay attention to another safety issue, that is, to prevent boiler explosion accidents. Although the biomass boiler is one of the environmentally friendly boilers, it also requires constant attention to explosion accidents. After continuous research and testing, Henan Sitong Boiler has summarized some of the reasons for the explosion of the raw material boiler.
Reasons for the explosion of biomass boiler
1. Combustion explosion in the biomass boiler furnace: The main reason for the explosion in the furnace is that the liquid has been staying in the furnace, and the explosion will occur when the concentration of combustibles in the gas reaches a certain level. If the boiler goes down to purge the furnace when it is not started, or if it is operated according to regulations when it is ignited, a furnace explosion may easily occur.
2. The operating pressure exceeds the design pressure: the biomass boiler has a certain rated working pressure when it is designed. When the actual operating pressure exceeds the design pressure, an explosion accident occurs; the pressure gauge fails, and the safety valve does not operate after overpressure; firefighters are off duty, the monitoring is insufficient, the main steam valve is closed, the safety valve fails; the boiler design N is unreasonable, and the manufacturing quality is poor . The quantity is unqualified, the material does not meet the requirements, the welding quality is poor, there is no regular maintenance inspection, long-term non-maintenance, causing corrosion of the boiler, reducing the pressure-bearing capacity, etc. causing an overpressure explosion.
3. Explosion under normal working pressure: The pressure element of the biomass boiler is defective or damaged, and the explosion occurs gradually to a certain extent. Such as corrosion and wear of steel plates, defects in manufacturing, maintenance and welding, poor accumulation of dirt and heat transfer in the boiler, and rapid cooling of equipment caused by illegal water intake when the boiler is short of water, etc., may cause explosion accidents.
Therefore, when the above situation occurs during the operation of biomass boilers, relevant measures need to be taken as soon as possible to avoid accidents caused by explosions

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