Shot flood boiler

In recent years, the popularity of new energy vehicles has driven the rapid development of the upstream lithium industry. Many well-known lithium producers have chosen capacity expansion and introduced high-tech energy equipment. Zhongzheng Boiler is a professional supplier of thermal energy equipment. It has provided energy-saving and environmentally friendly boiler products for Tianqi Lithium Co., Ltd., which not only guarantees the supply of domestic battery-grade lithium carbonate products, but also significantly improves the product quality.
Tianqi Lithium Industry is a leading energy and lithium-based new energy materials company in China and the world. The company’s business covers key stages of the lithium industry chain, including the development of hard rock lithium resources, lithium concentrate processing and sales, and lithium chemical products. Production and sales. The Sichuan Shooting and Shooting Production Base is the starting point of its business, with an annual production capacity of over 172,000 tons.
Shot flood boiler
At the end of 2017, Tianqi Lithium will carry out comprehensive technical transformation of Sichuan’s shooting floods in order to further expand production capacity. As the core equipment of the production project, the steam boiler provides heat energy for the production process such as thermal analysis and drying, which directly affects the company’s production capacity. At the same time, as a company with social responsibility, Tianqi Lithium actively responded to the national coal-to-gas policy and publicly invited bids, and planned to purchase a number of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly steam boiler equipment.
The leadership of Tianqi Lithium Industry attaches great importance to this tender, and the special investigation team conducts multi-party inspections. Among them, Zhongzheng Boiler, which is a well-known boiler supplier in China, attracted many visits by the delegation with its comprehensive strength. Under the leadership of the general manager of Zhongzheng Boiler, Tianqi Lithium Industry Tour Group has experienced a modern production workshop integrating modularization, specialization and digitalization.
In addition, the team of the two sides also conducted in-depth technical exchanges on specific matters such as boiler selection and system layout. Zhongzheng Boiler also sent a professional technical team to the Tianqi Lithium Industry Project site investigation. According to the actual operating conditions of Tianqi Lithium Industry, Zhongzheng Boiler recommended the company’s hot-selling products SZS series gas-fired steam boilers.

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