Steam Biomass Boiler – Boiler Details

On its two premises spread over 11 hectares and with 6.200 m² of shop-floor area, Herz manufactures more than 200 boiler systems per year. The cooperation with nearby university research facilities and related organizations – with Austria being recognised for her expertise in wood heating with stringent pollution limits – as well as the know-how of its high-skilled 100-plus employees secure the high technological standard of Herz boilers.
Steam Biomass Boiler - Boiler Details
Key features include:
Well Designed Heat Exchangers – fire tube heat exchangers are highly efficient and are made to match your heating needs
Fully automatic high-speed cleaning system
Fully Automatic Tube Cleaning System
Capacity Control (Standard) – Air supply and fuel inputs are coordinated to attain the actual heat demand using PLC control and Lambda O2 regulation. When heat demand drops, the unit is operated in part-load mode or is shut down
Capacity and Combustion Control – Features a fully modulating computer control with 3 interlinking loops that permanently assess the actual requirement of heat, adjust the fuel feed accordingly, and match it with the continuously variable air supply. Reacts dynamically to changes

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