Steam boiler hazard source analysis and control measures

Steam boiler hazard source analysis and control measures and safety precautions
  1. Prevent the turbine from entering the steam: the reheater safety valve should enter the timing. The steam turbine side should be placed in the rotary device to press the high pressure cylinder exhaust check valve to prevent the door from tightening and the steam turbine to enter the steam.
  2, to prevent excessive temperature and overpressure:
  During the commissioning of the steam boiler safety valve, the combustion adjustment should be strengthened to prevent overpressure accidents;
  Ensure that the pressure is stable when switching bypass and returning to the oil gun. The principle of bypass regulation is that the smaller opening on the high pressure side should ensure that the reheater does not overheat, and the smaller opening on the lower side should ensure that the reheater does not exceed the pressure.
  In order to prevent accidental overpressure of the steam boiler during the adjustment of the safety valve, the PCV (ie electromagnetic release valve) should ensure that the manual switch is reliable.
Steam boiler hazard source analysis and control measuresSteam boiler hazard source analysis and control measures
  3, to prevent the support and hanger uneven force: in the heating and strengthening process, sent a special person to carry out the expansion and stress of the support and hanger, found that the support and hanger are subjected to uneven stress, or the corresponding equipment is obviously abnormal (such as Great vibration). It should be adjusted in time.
  4. Prevent steam leakage: Strengthen on-site inspection, pay attention to check the weld seam of the steam boiler, the inspection hole, the hand hole and the sealing of the flange.
  5. On-site safety precautions: The lighting at the commissioning site should be sufficient, and the channel should be drained to prevent steam from being sprayed and wounded after the safety valve is operated. There is a reliable and convenient communication system to maintain the connection between the roof and the main control room. The entrusting personnel should cooperate closely and obey the command.
  The fuel injection pump governor is an automatic adjustment device that automatically increases or decreases the fuel supply of the fuel injection pump according to changes in the diesel engine load, so that the diesel engine can operate at a stable speed. It has been widely used in industrial conveyor belt speed regulation, lighting and lighting mediation, computer power supply cooling, DC fans and other fields.
  (1) Adjustment of the working speed of the regulator: When the fuel injection pump assembly is commissioned, the governor still does not work at the rated speed of the oil pump (ie, the stopper is still in the fully open position), so the fuel supply rack is still in Large oil supply location. When the speed exceeds the rated speed, pull the fuel rod to reduce the direction of oil movement. The speed at this time is called the governor running speed. The working speed is required to exceed the calibration speed within a certain range. Generally, when the 10-20r / mino adjustment is made, the speed adjustment spring can be gradually reduced or increased by adjusting the speed adjustment screw, and the gear lever or lever starts moving to the adjustment. Lock the speed control screw to the desired range.

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