Steam boiler use specification

Steam boilers have high efficiency and strong firepower. They are common production equipments. However, they themselves have certain risks. If they are used improperly, they will cause unnecessary trouble. Therefore, it is necessary to be familiar with the instructions for using the steam boiler. Then, the editors will summarize the usage specifications based on years of experience.
 Steam boiler use specification
   When the enterprise receives the steam boiler, in order to use the boiler properly and the safety of the enterprise operators, it must strictly abide by the “Safe Production Law”, “Temporary Regulations for Safety Supervision of Boiler and Pressure Vessels” and “Safety Technical Supervision Regulations for Steam Boilers”. Provisions. This regulation applies to pressurized water-based fixed steam boilers, including coal-fired steam boilers, fuel-fired steam boilers, and gas-fired steam boilers. The factory using the boiler shall have the corresponding technical certificate, etc., and shall have the technical documents and construction quality certification materials for the installation of the boiler.
   Enterprises must attach great importance to boiler safety work. Appoint a full-time staff to be responsible for the management of boiler equipment, and do a good job in the use and management of boilers in accordance with the requirements of the regulations. According to the structure type, combustion mode and use requirements of the boiler, the operating procedures for ensuring the safe operation of the boiler and the safety management systems for explosion protection, fire prevention and anti-virus, as well as accident handling methods shall be formulated and strictly implemented. It is strictly forbidden to drink and get out of work after drinking.
   Boilers should be regularly inspected and maintained, and no unit can force the use of boilers with safety hazards. There should be drawings and construction technical solutions before repairs. The technical requirements for repair refer to the boiler technical standards and relevant technical regulations. After the repair is completed, technical data such as drawings, material quality certificates, and repair quality inspection certificates shall be stored in the boiler technical file of the factory.
   Non-boiler room operators are prohibited from entering the workplace. Outsiders must be approved or accompanied by the relevant leader to enter.

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