ZOZEN Class A boiler manufacturing license

Recently, Zhongzheng Boiler has ushered in the four-year A-class boiler manufacturing license renewal audit, the general manager Mr. Zhang Guoping and the deputy general manager Chen Libo, the quality inspection department director Wu Heng and other relevant department heads attended the meeting. At the meeting, the management level of Zhongzheng Boiler and the boiler installation and manufacturing technology were fully affirmed by the audit team and passed the certificate review.
At the beginning of the meeting, Zhongzheng Boiler Quality Assurance Engineer reported to the audit team on the basic status of the boiler design and manufacture in a renewal period from the basic conditions of the company’s resource conditions and the operation of the quality assurance system. At the meeting, the representatives of the audit team affirmed the achievements made in the boiler manufacturing equipment and the contribution to the local economic development in the previous stage of Zhongzheng Boiler, and highly praised the management experience and management level of Zhongzheng Boiler.
During the period, the audit team also went deep into the Zhongzheng boiler production workshop to conduct inspections on production equipment, quality inspection equipment and office locations. At present, Zhongzheng Boiler has advanced production process equipment including 600 sets of robot welding equipment, high-speed CNC plane drill, serpentine tube production line and membrane wall production line. At the same time, it combines hundreds of quality inspection items and perfect quality inspection equipment. The position ensures strict production according to technical standards. These perfect quality assurance systems all show the gorgeous transformation of Zhongzheng Boiler’s large-scale and specialized production for decades.
Finally, the audit team conducted a comprehensive evaluation in combination with the conditions of the Zhongzheng boiler resource and the establishment and operation of the quality assurance system. The results show that the technical strength, office location and testing equipment of Zhongzheng boiler design and manufacture meet the standards of A-class boiler manufacturers and have been unanimously recognized by the audit team. In the end, Zhongzheng Boiler successfully passed the renewal review.

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