ZOZEN high efficient and energy saving boilers

As the one of the important basic raw materials industries, the building materials industry provides support and assurance for the development of building industry and other related industries. Many building materials enterprises continue to introduce new production equipment and energy-saving technology. ZOZEN is the international qualified boiler supplier, the environmental friendly steam boilers and high efficient thermal fluid heaters manufactured by ZOZEN have successfully promoted the upgrade of numerous building materials enterprises.

The fundamental causes of high energy consumption and serious environment pollution for most building materials enterprises are backward technology and traditional product structure. Building materials enterprises must reduce the energy consumption and enhance efficiency advantages to meet the challenges of fierce market competition and strict environmental protection policies.

The boiler is the indispensable industrial equipment for the production line of building materials industry, is widely used in the production processes of plasterboard drying, setting and prefabrication of concrete members, stamper of tiles, decorative materials drying, etc. It is known that the energy consumption of boiler systems takes up a large proportion of the total energy consumption of the building materials enterprises. In order to effectively improve energy utilization reduce production costs, many building materials enterprises are introducing energy-saving and emission-reducing boiler systems.

For over 30 years, ZOZEN has been committed to innovation and R&D of energy-saving technologies and obtained rich technical experience in flue gas waste heat recovery technology, condensed water recovery technology and industrial boiler water treatment technology. ZOZEN boiler have achieved good sales performance in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and many other regions due to high-performance products and perfect boiler systems.

Established in 2008, PHOLACO PTY LTD has already developed into a large integrated building materials company. PHOLACO PTY LTD purchased one set of 4 tph heavy oil fired fire tube steam boiler from ZOZEN, this type of boilers adopts the big combustion chamber design to ensure the full combustion of fuel; the boiler was equipped with related energy-saving devices to effectively reduce the exhaust gas temperature, which actually promoted economic benefits for the company.

ZOZEN high efficient and energy saving boilers

ZOZEN 4 tph heavy oil fired steam boiler for PHOLACO PTY LTD

Besides, MEGA WOODCRAFT PRODUCTS(T) LTD from Tanzania also ordered multiple sets of WNS series environmental friendly natural gas fired steam boilers from ZOZEN, the measured thermal efficiency could reach up to 98% and NOx emissions was below 30 mg/m³ in combination with ZOZEN customized boiler system, this series of boilers gained high recognition from MEGA.

Meanwhile, ZOZEN thermal fluid heaters have established a good reputation and obtained customers’ favor in the building materials industry by the advantages of low pressure, high temperature, safety and high efficiency.

ZOZEN high efficient and energy saving boilers

ZOZEN 8.2 MW high efficient thermal fluid heater for building materials industry

ZOZEN has been concentrate on industrial boilers over three decades, and ZIOZEN knows well that when the strategic logic of an enterprise fits with the value of the global market, then the enterprise can go further. In the future, ZOZEN will insist on adhering to market-oriented, adjusting product structure, constantly developing products that meet demand of target makrkets and escoting for more enterprises.

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